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  Shot Blasting Machine
  Sandblasting machine
  And the jet blast machine is grinding different materials as the jet power, do not use compressed gas. Using the motor speed back to the transfer of the wing blade rotation. Grinding materials will be forced to, was sent to the grinding material will be projected by the blade structure. Projection devices usually called the rotor. Jet and shot blasting machine and the biggest difference is blasting machine can be cast with very little power a lot of grinding material. 3 horsepower compressor with a nozzle in the spray from the same situation as the 3 hp machine rotor from a case of projection, shot a minute more than the projection of the jet 50 to 100 times the cut research materials.
  Blasting is the use of compressed gas injection compressor grinding material. There is direct pressure blasting, select the type, air type. By sand blasting abrasive material according to the attractiveness of dust collector within the loop in the mechanical rotation. Cycle will be separated from foreign bodies and grinding materials, re-jet structure is normal, the use of heavy materials when grinding, shot blasting machine, as selected as the bucket elevator is used to deliver methods.
  Grinding materials
  Part consumables
  Grinding was asked how many kinds of materials that can spray things are grinding material. Oh, grinding the material not only to the same thing may have different processing. And even if the same material in different shapes and sizes, then the conditions for completion are also different. Grinding name for a variety of materials. Also called abrasive materials such as, media, beads, balls, ball, sand, etc., so if the speaker would have difficulty, try to judge their imagination.
  Commission processing
Even though contract processing, shape and finish of the product under certain conditions, and abrasive Burasutomashin (medium shot) types will vary.
We are processing conditions are required for our clients from past experience, will be the best suggestions.
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